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Sunsetting on Taganga, Colombia - February 2011

Lying on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, Taganga’s natural beauty is only surpassed by Parque Tayrona, the adjacent national park that contains luscious green jungles, white sand beaches and an active mud volcano.

Historically an old fishing village, Taganga’s tourism industry exploded when outsiders discovered the beautifully clear waters rich with marine life that made for excellent diving. Subsequently, the town has grown quicker than it can handle, with many hotels and hostels struggling to cope with the flood of tourists.

It is a good struggle though, as the influx of tourism revenue has benefited locals who have used the money to re-build and update ageing infrastructure to allow comfortable living.

The town of Taganga surrounds a bay that is lined with vendors selling fresh seafood, caught daily. Wash it down with a freshly squeezed Maracuya juice and your taste buds will need to find new ways to thank you.

Looking out over the bay and watching the sunset is unparallel to anywhere else in the region. It’s no wonder that many tourists who initially intended to stay for a week are seen frolicking in the bay months later.

Sydney trio Movement dropped their latest single ‘Us’ last Friday and my goodness it is an absolute pleasure to listen to. It follows on from their incredible debut single 'Feel Real', which burst them on to the scene with a wide range of positive reviews. Within hours of the release of ‘US’ it was listed as Pitchfork’s best new track, which is a credit to how well they have been received not just locally, but internationally.

I saw these guys for the first time at Oxford Art Factory earlier this year at an event presented by Modular Records. They came on after a hip-shaking, fist-pumping set by Softwar and immediately placed the crowd in a trance with their electronic slow jams, mixed with R&B vocals that were as smooth as chocolate. 

Although only two songs have been released thus far, I am fairly confident that these guys are going to make it big. With a sound that is comparable to a mixture of The XX and SBTRKT, these guys have the perfect combination of deep grooves and smooth vocals to help you find love on the dance floor.

If you want to see Movement perform live, they are throwing a party for the launch of their new single at GoodGod Small Club. Do yourself a favour and get a ticket. Bring some chapstick though because there is guaranteed to be some serious making out.

Frank Ocean is playing some Splendour in the Grass sideshows in both Sydney and Melbourne and I can’t wait to see him. 

Frank Ocean, real name Christopher Francis Ocean, burst onto the music scene with his debt studio album Channel Orange. Gaining critical acclaim, Channel Orange was voted number 1 album of 2012 by Pitchfork readers. Tickets to his sideshow in Sydney sold out in minutes leaving many Super Rich Kids punters asking for more.

The modern voice of R&B will be playing in Sydney on the 29th of July, so for everyone who managed to score themselves a ticket, like myself, prepare to be blown away by that seraphic voice.

  • Track Name

    Comos Los Cerdos

  • Album

    Seven Lies

  • Artist


Felix Manuel, better known as Djrum, has served up some tasty treats with the release of his debut album Seven Lies.

Tapping in to the post-dub, garage, hip-hop sound that seems to be taking over the airwaves, Djrum’s mellow beats are the perfect soundtrack to a relaxing Sunday.

Listening to the second track, Comos Los Cerdos, reminds me of the first time I heard Nujabes. The refreshing sound being played through my headphones was like being soothed by a cool breeze on a hot, humid day. For me, nothing compares to a smooth beat on a loop. Throw in a few perfectly cut, sampled vocals and you have some seriously easy listening.

The final track on the album is titled Thank You, and is aptly named almost as if Djrum predicted the gratitude the listener would feel as the last note fades to an echo.

Don’t plan on doing anything too frenzied while listening to this album. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy.

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